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Design not only serves humanity by elevating living quality;
it inspires and influences how people react and think while respecting nature.

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What if loneliness could be cured in your peripheral vision?

In family, accompany and a sense of safety is given by each other. While living
together, only focusing on your personal need is easy to ignore others emotions.
Expressing your need clearly become important. What if the building become a
language that help you to communicate your thinking and fuse different living
habit together? With clear information, it decreases the misunderstanding between
family members and makes the home more compatible and open. The
mutual understanding and company ties family closer and become the habitat
always be there for you. 

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What if a story could exist in different dimensions?

Inspired by Cubism, Fragment Bookstore challenges your perspective in order to make visible the unseen facets of an object. This bookstore opens up a new way for people to explore books and be inspired by reading. A new way of exploring a bookstore The information a book presents is always beyond its contents.


What if a pocket park were a coral reef?

Inhale, Exhale is an urban pocket park placed between high rise buildings, it is a city breathing station with the goal of offering a buffer place with positive energy for decompression in intense life and deliver the importance of symbiotic with nature within a high contrast environment. It creates a 'filter' for your life and city so people who struggle with their fast-paced life can adjust their mood, feel the energy of surroundings and recognize their inner divinity and peace under a cleaner city environment. As time passes, the park promotes the intimacy between people and people, people, and nature.

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